The Girl with the Tattoos

Role: Producer/Director

Project type: TV documentary

Client: Radio Television Hong Kong

Broadcast: RTHK Channel 31, YouTube

Length: 22'

Release Date: Dec 2016

This documentary features tattoo artist Jayers Ko, who works tirelessly to transform tattoo in Hong Kong from a symbol of triad culture to a form of body art. Growing up in a family of professionals, she faced pressure from her parents and was forced to have her first tattoo removed. Despite difficulties, she is determined to forge her own path.

Her unique aesthetics has led her to great success in the tattoo industry. She believes tattoos are a method of self expression. The film also profiles two of Jayers’s clients who have undergone a change in their lives through tattoos ― a transgender who regained confidence in life and a bank manager who gave up stability to pursue his dream in the culinary arts.

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