Crystal Wong (b. 1994) is an independent visual journalist based in Hong Kong, currently in the United States. She enjoys the documentary process as she feels that the camera can lead her into experiences she wouldn’t otherwise have had.


In 2019, she returned to Hong Kong to document the largest pro-democracy protests the city has ever seen. After filming a documentary about the lives of these frontline protesters, she developed a strong interest in long-form documentaries.


She has been freelancing for VICE, Quartz, PBS, BBC and The Initium Media. Her recent camera work for Vice News Tonight on HBO has been nominated for an award in the 2020 Emmys.


She is currently working on two long-form documentaries. One for VICE documentary program The Source questioning what is left of the crumbling judicial system in Hong Kong. She is also directing a documentary for The Initium about Hongkongers leaving their homeland.