I Have Two Mummies! is a documentary that tells the story of a homosexual family in Hong Kong with two children. As part of the film, I conducted a social experiment to examine the acceptability of homosexual education to Hong Kong parents. With the help of the story book Heather Has Two Mummies, one father tried to explain to his 7-year-old daughter about the concept of homosexuality.


  • Production Period: Spring 2016  

  • Length: 13 minutes

  • Project type: Final Year Project (Documentary)

On May 1st, 2016, the hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend flooded Twitter and Facebook in hopes of persuading Disney to incorporate homosexual elements in their film. In opposition, a petition with the hashtag #CharmingPrinceForElsa was created, which was also popularised by social media users, amongst whom were my friends from Hong Kong. This is a vicious cycle. While children are prevented from learning about homosexuality, traditional family values are perpetuated and reinforced into the upcoming generation’s worldview. They feel ashamed of and uneasy with the homosexual community. Even those part of this community are sometimes reluctant to speak out for themselves and their own identities.

At the Hong Kong Pride Parade last year, I discovered that there was a noticeable absence of children. Some families I interviewed said that they would not allow their children to be exposed to this concept at an early age. I felt compelled to further investigate this mentality, which led to my production of this documentary on homosexual families in Hong Kong.