Unlike typical university students, a psychology major Jayers KO Tsz-mei, spent most of her time outside campus learning tattooing skills. University offered her the freedom to realize her dream as a tattoo artist. At the year of graduation, she encountered an overwhelming pressure from family, friends and even the tattoo industry, which all ran against her dream. Determined, she decided to soldier on this lonely path. Over the past 7 years, Jayers worked tirelessly to explore the universe of tattoo art. She hoped to transform tattoo from a symbol of triad culture to a form of body art.


  • Production Period: Fall 2016

  • Length: 22 minutes

  • Broadcast Date: 31st Dec 2016

  • Channel: Hong Kong Stories (TV Documentary Series), RTHK Channel 31

In 2015, Jayers published a book that documented many tattoo stories in Hong Kong. Henry TSANG Hing-lai, a bank manager, visited Jayers’s tattoo studio one year ago and got a tattoo with a meaning of “be adventurous”. He decided to quit his job on November 2016 to chase his dream as a chef. LAW Siu-fung, originally identified as female, was confused on her gender before getting her tattoo from Jayers. She is now confident to fight for her own will as a genderqueer. Tattoo is no longer a sign of gangsters, but a way to express one’s belief.